GENBA KAIZEN Consulting Service

Our mission is to “improve problems from customer’s perspective, increase competitiveness with respect to technology, quality and cost, and realize a low-cost manufacturing workplace”.
Our experienced consultants provide viable services in close cooperation with a task performing team, using TPS (Toyota Production System), in and outside Japan.

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HIRAYAMA Consulting Business

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Characteristics of our Services

Characteristics of our Services

HIRAYAMA’s 4 strengths

  • Generate reliable outcomes
    GENBA hands-on consulting
    The biggest strength of HIRAYAMA consulting service is that our consulting professionals are closely linked to a task performing team. We offer comprehensive consulting service - identifying areas to be improved from customer’s perspective, devising action plans and strategies, and implementing on-site activities to generate reliable outcomes.
  • Reliable support
    Reliable feedback will take
    you to the next step
    Identification of issues, proposal of solution strategy, and providing instruction at GENBA are not all our consulting services can offer. We assess and analyze whether our plan and measure are appropriate and see to it that the plan is executed by following it up until reliable outcomes are achieved. This has allowed us to build a strong reputation for high reliability from our clients.
  • Viable system
    Unique system based on TPS
    TPS is a viable system including reduction of waste, shorter delivery time, JIDOKA (autonomation), that manufacturing industry worldwide has been keeping watchful eyes on. We have systemized our own unique consulting services which were reinforced by our experiences and expertise on the basis of TPS. Our outstanding consulting system is devised to be introduced with shorter period of time and you can expect reliable outcomes when adopted.
  • Thorough support for overseas
    business operations
    Ready to settle any problem involved with overseas
    business operations
    Expansion of Japan’s manufacturing industry into overseas markets tends to be further accelerated for new market development and cost reduction. HIRAYAMA leverages its expertise and communication skills involved with overseas activities to meet these clients’ demands. We offer training for on-site workers, clear up uncertainties about quality management, etc. to assist clients in conducting successful overseas operations.

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GENBA guidance/direct division・
administrative division
GENBA KAIZEN including quality, productivity, lead time, inventory, maintenance, and safety.
Management guidance Management strategy planning, strengthening financial structure, improvement of management system and personnel/labor affairs.
Technical guidance Guidance on how to acquire specific skills in die, machine work, pressing, casting, welding, molding, semiconductors, design, etc.
System introduction support Installation support for CAD/CAM, CAE, development and designing support system, production preparation support system, SCM, ERP, production management system, etc.
White-collar Kaizen consulting Reduction of waste in administrative division,
improvement of productivity.

Our professionals have many years of working experiences at GENBA of Japan’s leading manufacturing factories. Viable and effective consulting services offered by our consultants, many of those are licensed TPS trainers, has been highly evaluated in and outside Japan.

A partial list of our consultants’ background
Former Toyota Motor Corporation member (Car Body Division Manager/Production Technology Division Manager)
Former Toyota Motor Corporation member (Honsha Plant Deputy Director)
Former Honda Motor Corporation member (Motor Plant – Engineering Chief)
Former Hitachi member (Production Engineering Director)
Former Tokai Rika member (Engineering, Production Technology, Research, Planning Division)
Former Panasonic member (Plant Director)
Former Sony member (Quality Control, Operation Excellence Director)

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