Human Resource Education Service

Our professional expertise in employee education, developed by providing services of “GENBA KAIZEN consulting”, “Manufacture outsourcing”, “Manufacture temp staff/personnel placement” and leveraged in our on-site seminar and training, has been highly evaluated by many of our clients. We also support IE education using “Time Prism”, a tool to analyze work hours to achieve KAIZEN.

Characteristics of Services

Characteristics of Services

HIRAYAMA’s 3 strengths

  • Acquire practical skills
    Extensive contents covered
    by a team of experienced
    Our seminars and trainings are conducted by our professionals who have many years of experiences in world’s top rated manufacturers. Extensive contents include, but not limited to; our specialties- safety, health, and quality control, operation improvement, production control, cost control, and overall management.
  • Meets clients request
    Customize a seminar that
    meets client’s specific
    We tailor seminars and training to our clients’ specific requests. We coordinate premier instructor and contents that fit specific industry, situation and condition that client demands.
  • Reduce MUDA and cost
    Full support system for Work analysis/KAIZEN tool
    “Time Prism” is a work analysis/KAIZEN (IE education) software designed to capture necessary data for management through “visualization” by analyzing work hours while playing back video record on PC with simple operations. We assist clients in MUDA and cost reduction by providing operational instructions including troubleshooting method for the use of this tool.

On-site seminar and training

HIRAYAMA is committed to passing on Japan’s technology and MONOZUKURI spirit to next generation and continuing to support “Japan’s future manufacturing industry”, by offering human resource education service including seminars and training. In addition to programs listed below, we can arrange tailor-made programs to meet clients’ requests.

On-site seminar and training
Examples of our on-site trainings
  • Safety and health/ “Seminar on how to fulfill the duty to pay attention to safety”, “Foreman education”, “Safety supervisor training”, etc.
  • KAIZEN/ “TOYOTA hands-on DOUJO”, “Basic IE”, “How to progress worksite KAIZEN”, etc.
  • Cost/ “Cost reduction methods”, “Practice and cost management”, “How to read corporate accounting & financial statements”, etc.
  • New graduates/ “Knowledge and manner as working adults”, “Production activities and basics of 5S”, etc.
  • Production/ “Basics of production control”, “5S”, “TPM and equipment maintenance”, etc.
  • Quality/ “Quality control that is useful at worksite”, “ISO9001 to enhance power of GENBA”, etc.
  • Management/ “Kaizen for MUDA in work and problem solving”, “Role and responsibilities of manager”, “Personnel labor management and mental health care”, etc.
  • Labor/“Judicial affairs training”, “Suitable outsourcing seminar”, “Seminar on the Manpower Dispatching Business Law”.

“Time Prism” – the first step for work improvement is a working hour analysis through “visualization” of the working process

“Time prism” is designed to perform an accurate and clear work analysis using video images. This breakthrough tool also allows us to accurately comprehend overall work flow using a time chart displayed on a real-time basis.

  • Speedy work analysis
    Time Prism realizes “visualization” of work with simple operations. Layout of video images can be freely changed for more effective use.
  • Extensive use of analyzed data
    Levelled results can be quickly checked. Analyzed data can be output and saved.
  • Different product series to different level
    3 types of product series are available to suit the level of user.
  • Skill comparison is possible
    Synchronous reproduction using 2 screens enable users to compare work speeds and work procedures for effective work education.
  • Full support will be given after purchase
    Specialized staff will provide thorough instruction regarding operational procedure, questions for use, and trouble shooting.
  • Time Prism

Supports Technical Skills Test Preparation. Hands-On Training Using Specialist Educational Materials

Extensive educational materials and curriculums are made available, from how to use basic measuring instrument to sequence control technique necessary for passing the National Technical Skills Test.

A partial list of our hands-on training contents
PLC/sequence control/ teaching material for control experiment
・Mechatronics sequence kits
・Sequence trainer One
・Sensor learning kit
Measuring instrument/tool/others
・Measuring instrument manual series
A partial list of our hands-on training contents
A partial list of our hands-on training contents

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