Development and Design Engineer Staffing

HIRAYAMA has been highly evaluated in providing workforce solutions for engineering areas that require high level of technical competence such as machine design, electric and electronic design, software development, and plant design.
We support our clients in optimizing their environment for technological development by connecting them with a wide range of engineering talent - from engineers with top level skill to supporting staff.
A HIRAYAMA group member, Top Engineering Inc. will be responsible for offering Development and Design Engineer Staffing service.

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Top Engineering Inc.

Characteristics of our Services

Characteristics of our services

HIRAYAMA’s 3 strengths

  • On-site staffing
    Numerous engineering
    staffing solutions -
    professionals ready to wade
    right into the fray
    We offer engineers with diverse careers and skills - from development and design work requiring high skill to design assistance task to meet clients’ demands. It is our strength that we have the capability to provide the needed personnel in the needed place and time.
  • Provide support with flexibility
    We offer a variety of
    engineering workforce
    solutions regardless of
    fields or working style
    We provide engineers in a wide range of areas such as machine design, electric and electronic design, software development, plant design, and factory support in a form of temp staffing, outsourcing, contract, or personnel placement. We offer flexible service to support all types of project.
  • Support with high technical competence
    Deliver premier engineers
    who are eager to improve
    HIRAYAMA strives to train personnel so that we can provide clients withfull support and optimizethe environment for engineering and technology. We seek to improve the skill of technical experts by building educational curriculum that suits the times, incorporating the latest developmental environment such as 3-dimensional CAD
  • HIRAYAMA’s 3 strengths

Engineer Career

Machine design 46% Electric and electronic design 26% Software development 20% Plant design 8%
Machine design 46% Electric and electronic design 26% Software development 20% Plant design 8%

Engineering field for temp engineers

HIRAYAMA has been placing engineers in the following fields

and mechanism design
From design and development of new products to design production facilities and detailed parts. Design and development, evaluation tests, etc. of various fields including precision machine, machine tool, production facilities, space, aircraft, transportation equipment, transfer machine, dedicated device, measurement hardware, jig and tool, and mold, etc.
and electronic design
Our practical technology of microcomputer and electronic device as well as electric and electronic engineering have been highly evaluated. Design, development, evaluation tests, etc. of digital circuit, analog circuit, sequence circuit, microcomputer application, pattern, etc.
Software development System design, program design, development of various applications. Control system software Development, programming, debug evaluation tests, etc. of, database, process control system, CAD system, communication network system, etc.
Plant design From facility design of various equipment of plant usage to specific equipment design. Plumbing, equipment, instrumentation design, etc. of chemical plant, petroleum plant, nuclear power plant, and other various industrial plants. etc.
Factory support Factory tasks (various) Machine operator, industrial technology, evaluation tests of work device and products, etc. of quality control, test run for light work equipment such as process, assembly and adjustment, and feeding service of field adjustment, etc.

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