Manufacturing Temp Staffing/Personnel Placement

Using “Efficacious training system” and “Counseling system”, we HIRAYAMA develop premier personnel who are trained to have highly technical knowledge required for working in a manufacturing site as well as human relationship skills.
We offer industry-ready personnel to meet clients’ staffing demands in the form of “temp staff” to fill short-term vacant position and “personnel placement” when full-time employment is needed.

Manufacture Temp Staffing

Manufacture Temp Staffing

Manufacture Temp Staffing Service

HIRAYAMA supports client’s manufacturing sites by offering quality human resources who are trained in a wide range of industrial areas such as medical equipment, office automation apparatus, precision machine, electronic components, metal working, and semiconductor product, etc.
We provide human resources to match clients' specific needs and their changeable situation--- from seasonal staffing during the time of peak production to filling of temporary vacancy. Our services offer multiple aspects of benefits including enhancing productivity without impairing task flow and reducing hiring cost and labor management cost.

Types of Job and Field Available in the HIRAYAMA Manufacture Outsourcing Service

HIRAYAMA provides human resources in diverse sectors and industries as below.

Types of job Equipment operator, mechanic, welder, assembly, inspection, packing, sorting, delivery, etc.
Types of industry Transport equipment Automobile component in general, engine, electrical component, interior part, exterior part, light, steering, air bag, seatbelt, tire, wheel, etc.
Machine/precision equipment Construction machinery, semiconductor making equipment, medical equipment, optical instrument, measuring apparatus, etc.
Food/chemistry Various food materials, frozen food, perishables, confectionery, drinking water, industrial chemical products, industrial film, plastic product, rubber goods, etc.
Electric/electronic/semiconductor Composite device-related product, battery, telecommunication equipment, various terminal equipment, audio visual system, large household electrical appliances, liquid crystal television, printed-circuit board, integrated circuit, memory, diode, condenser, etc.
Two Types of Training System and Mental Health Care Service to Enhance the Level of Personnel’s Competence

HIRAYAMA provides 2 types of training system to enhance technical skills of employees hired as contract or temp staff and also a mental health care system to make them acquire human relationship skills to solve emotional difficulties, if any. Thus, we strive to maintain and raise the client’s productivity.

  • SOLOFLIGHT training
    We provide training curriculums aligned with individual’s goals to help employees achieve carrier-up while working.
  • Temp Employee Level-Up Training
    We offer training programs to educate employees for manufacturing-related knowledge in general, business manner, and quality control.
KOKORO care support (counseling system)
Our professional counselors help employees remove concerns that they have about their lives and carrier-up resulting in the enhancement of their motivation.

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